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Building Design Phases

Building Design Phases

Building design has five phases:

1 - Schematic Design (SD)

2- Design Development (DD)

3- Construction Documents (CD)

4 - Bidding and Negotiation

5 - Construction Administration (CA)


1- Schematic Design (SD) 12%-25%

  • Discuss with client to determine project program & goal;
  • Rough study drawings illustrate basic concepts of design.
  • Initial research of jurisdictional regulations
  • Initial cost estimations;
  • Rough drawings of site plan, floor plans, elevations sketches or computer renderings.


2- Design Development (DD) 12%-25%

  • Collects the results from schematic design phase
  • Involves finalizing the design and specifying such
  • items as materials, window and door locations and general structural details.
  • More detailed site plan, floor plans, elevations and section drawings with dimensions.


3- Construction Documents (CD) 25%-45%

  • Much more details to meet building code requirements and other regulations for building permit application;
  • Set of architectural drawings (site plan, floor plans,  sections, details, etc.), include specifications, combined with structural drawings, mechanical and electrical drawings for pricing and bidding
  • In cooperate all changes during permit application and pricing and bidding process for Construction


4- Bidding and Negotiation 2.5%-6.5%

  • Developing a list of qualified contractors for bid list;
  • Submitting bid packages to bidders;
  • Review submitted bids and provide analysis; and help you compare the cost figures that you receive from your bidders.
  • Ensure contractors providing an accurate bid for project;
  • Interview bidders and negotiate prices


5- Construction Administration (CA) 25%-35%

Contractors are selected and construction starts.

Review shop drawings and samples;

  • Issue site instructions;
  • Visit site and meet contractors;
  • Provide field review reports and sign off letters
  • To assure conformance with design intent and address any field conditions as they arise.

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